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Rachel Rix

Welcome! I'm Rachel Rix and here's my bio from my writing life:

Rachel Rix has published work in War Literature & the Arts, The Tiger Moth Review, Verdad, Right Hand Pointing, the anthology, When There Are Nine, (as well as being shortlisted for the Fish Anthology 2020 poetry contest in Ireland). Rix earned an MFA in Poetry from the University of Nevada, Reno at Lake Tahoe, and she works as a CMT in Sacramento--where she lives with her husband, Adam, and their two cats, Floppy and Leo.

My Day Job: CMT Bio

I am a CA State Certified Massage Therapist who has been successfully practicing massage therapy and bodywork within Sacramento and surrounding areas since 2005, during which time I have enjoyed providing much needed stress relief and a personalized massage therapy experience to Sacramento area residents and business professionals.

I have also received specialized training in Thai massage from Eddie Chong, one of the last "closed door" students of Pan Nam, one of only a few great teachers to retain the lost treasure of Shaolin training.


I combine the love of the healing arts with a background of various martial arts disciplines which help bring the energy of mind and body into focus for direct and soothing pressure. I currently hold a black belt in Bok Fu (White Tiger style) and am continuing my study of the ancient Chinese art of Chi Kung.

Some of my more unique experiences have been working on the WWF team as well as Ringling Bros Circus performers. (Almost ran away with the circus)!


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